Apache CloudStack CloudMonkey

The Apache CloudStack CloudMonkey is a command line interface (CLI) tool for CloudStack written in Python. cloudmonkey can be use both as an interactive shell and as a command line tool which simplifies CS configuration and management.


  1. Usable as a command line tool and interactive shell
  2. All commands are lowercase unlike API
  3. Api Discovery using sync feature, with build time api precaching for failsafe sync
  4. Raw api execution support
  5. Auto-completion via double <tab>
  6. Reverse search using Ctrl+R
  7. Emacs compatible keybindings
  8. Pipeable output
  9. Unix shell execution
  10. Support to handle async jobs using user defined blocking or non-blocking way
  11. Tabular or JSON output with filtering of table columns
  12. Colored output
  13. Api parameter value completion (based on predication, fuzzy results may fail sometimes)
  14. Use apikey and secretkey or username/password

Instructions for working with CloudMonkey can be found here:


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