Change Log

3.1 2014-11-01

  • [Bug] #115: Fixed FallbackErrorHandler API Change
  • [Bug] #113: Fixed bug with forced shutdown of subprocesses in Windows.
  • [Bug]: Bridge: Send exceptions via brige before change the exceptions weren’t propagated via bridge because traceback object is not pickable, now traceback object is replaced by corresponding traceback list
  • [Bug]: Bridge: Do not propagate no results via bridge
  • [Bug]: Fixed issue in brige with ommiting all but the first events sent at once
  • [Bug]: Fixed exception handing in circuits.web
  • [Bug]: Fixed import of FallBackExceptionHandler
  • [Bug]: Node: Add node examples.
  • [Bug]: Node: fixes event response flood.
  • [Bug]: Node: fixes the event value issue.
  • [Bug]: Node: add event firewall (client / server).
  • [Bug]: Node: add peer node: return channel name.
  • [Bug]: Fixes optional parameters handling (client / server).
  • [Bug]: Rename the FallbackErrorHandler to FallbackExceptionHandler and the event it listens to to exception
  • [Bug]: Bridge waits for event processing on the other side before proxy handler ends. Now it is possible to collect values from remote handlers in %_success event.

3.0.1 2014-11-01

  • [Support] #96: Link to ChangeLog from README
  • [Support] #117: Fixed inconsistent top-level examples.

3.0 2014-08-31

  • [Bug] #37: Fixed a typo in File
  • [Bug] #38: Guard against invalid headers. (circuits.web)
  • [Bug] #46: Set Content-Type header on response for errors. (circuits.web)
  • [Bug] #48: Allow event to be passed to the decorated function (the request handler) for circuits.web
  • [Bug] #45: Fixed use of cmp() and __cmp__() for Python 3 compatibility.
  • [Bug] #56: circuits.web HEAD request send response body web
  • [Bug] #62: Fix packaging and bump circuits 1.5.1 for @dsuch (Dariusz Suchojad) for Zato
  • [Bug] #53: WebSocketClient treating WebSocket data in same TCP segment as HTTP response as part the HTTP response. web
  • [Support] #63: typos in documentation docs
  • [Bug] #67: web example jsontool is broken on python3 web
  • [Support] #60: meantion @handler decorator in tutorial docs
  • [Support] #65: Update tutorial to match circuits 3.0 API(s) and Semantics docs
  • [Support] #69: Merge #circuits-dev FreeNode Channel into #circuits
  • [Bug] #77: Uncaught exceptions Event collides with sockets and others core
  • [Bug] #81: “index” method not serving / web
  • [Support] #75: Document and show examples of using docs
  • [Support] #70: Convention around method names of event handlers
  • [Bug] #76: Missing unit test for DNS lookup failures net
  • [Support] #72: Update Event Filtering section of Users Manual docs
  • [Support] #73: Fix duplication in auto generated API Docs. docs
  • [Bug] #66: web examples jsonserializer broken web
  • [Bug] #59: circuits.web DoS in serve_file (remote denial of service) web
  • [Bug] #91: Call/Wait and specific instances of events
  • [Support] #78: Migrate Change Log maintenance and build to Releases
  • [Support] #71: Document the value_changed event docs
  • [Support] #92: Update content docs
  • [Bug] #89: Class attribtues that reference methods cause duplicate event handlers core
  • [Support] #88: Document the implicit registration of components attached as class attributes docs
  • [Support] #87: A rendered example of docs
  • [Support] #85: Migrate away from ShiningPanda
  • [Support] #61: circuits.web documentation enhancements docs
  • [Bug] #47: Dispatcher does not fully respect optional arguments. web
  • [Support] #86: Telnet Tutorial
  • [Feature] #94: Modified the circuits.web.Logger to use the response_success event.
  • [Support] #95: Updated Developer Documentation with corrections and a new workflow.
  • [Bug] #97: Fixed test for Windows
  • [Feature] #98: Dockerized circuits. See:
  • [Feature] #99: Added Digest Auth support to the circuits.web CLI Tool
  • [Bug] #100: Fixed returned Content-Type in JSON-RPC Dispatcher.
  • [Bug] #102: Fixed minor bug with WebSocketsDispatcher causing superflusous connect() events from being fired.
  • [Feature] #103: Added the firing of a disconnect event for the WebSocketsDispatcher.
  • [Bug] #104: Prevent other websockets sessions from closing.
  • [Bug] #106: Added __format__ method to circuits.web.wrappers.HTTPStatus.
  • [Bug] #107: Added __le__ and __ge__ methods to circuits.web.wrappers.HTTPStatus
  • [Feature] #108: Improved server support for the IRC Protocol.
  • [Bug] #109: Fixed Event.create() factory and metaclass.
  • [Feature] #112: Improved Signal Handling
  • [Bug] #111: Fixed broken Digest Auth Test for circuits.web

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