Example Commands:

(1) Login to bitbucket.

(2) Logout bitbucket & remove saved credentials.

(3) Create New Repository.

(4) List repository associated with account.

(5) Get individual repository detail.

(6) Edit repository details.

(7) Delete repository

(8) Fork repository

(9) List repository branches

(10) Get list of changeset

(11) Get repository tags

(12) Get list of users repository shared with

(13) Share repository with other users

(14) Remove users access to repository

(15) Get repository revision details

(16) Get list of repository deployment keys

(17) Add new repository deployment key

(18) Edit existing repository deployment key

(19) Delete existing repository deployment key

(20) Get list of issues

(21) Get individual issue details

(22) Get issue followers

(23) Export issue list to CSV file

Filtering parameters (Optional):

(24) Create new issue

(25) Edit issue

(26) Delete issue

(27) Get all comments for issue

(28) Add new comment for issue

(29) Get list of all ssh keys associated with users account

(30) Get individual sshkey from key id

(31) Add new ssh key to users account

(32) Delete ssh key from account

(33) Get logged in user information

(34) Get logged in user privileges

(35) Get wiki page created for repository

(36) Post new wiki page for repositorys

(37) Get list groups & respective members

(38) Add new member in group

(39) Delete member from group

(40) Create new group

(41) Delete existing group

(42) Get commit details from commit id

(43) Get comments for changeset

(44) Add new comment for changeset

(45) Delete comment for changeset