Bade is a small command line utility to allow the user to maintain a simple HTML website and weblog using only plaintext rST for their content. It also bundles an rST directive (see dot-graph directive) for rendering DOT graphs as SVG.

It’s very similar in spirit to some other things. It’s like Pelican but it’s a lot simpler and uses Mako instead of Jinja2. It’s also like Tinkerer but without the dependency on Sphinx.

Bade is opinionated and simplistic, I wrote it mostly my own usage, so you probably shouldn’t use it.

Plans to extend

In writing Bade, I came up with a few things more I’d like to do:

  • Test suite: Everything should be tested, right?
  • Git integration: For dirty checking on build, maybe stamping a rendered file with its latest commit hash. There are a few GitHub issues for it.
  • Hooks: Let people hook in at interesting points, ie. call grunt pre-build, commit after build, etc.