Full development to production example

In this example, we present one way of organizing a project, to provide easy to install development setups, continuous integration and production deployments.

Please read this as a pattern among many others. If you decide to base your development process on it, you’ll have to adapt it to your team’s practice anyway.

Common setup

Developer’s setup

Here we add private read-write access to version control systems. We need to version the buildout itself, and make decisions about which addons will be under active development within that project.

At this point, asking a developer to work on the project is as simple as providing the main URL to get the buildout from VCS.

Release and packaging

Use of freeze-to, extract-downloads-to, and production of a tarball.

Deployment with a server-local configuration file

You may decide to track the local files with a VCS, too, but it’s preferable to keep it distinct from the main code base.