The One-Click ScriptΒΆ

Putting it all together, here is the final windows .bat file used to build this project. On linux, it would be pretty much the same with the correct paths to the right python programs and the the $HOME directory set to the correct place where the .pypirc file lives.

Now, with this script, you can simply create and upload your new eggs, source bundles, windows installers, and Sphinx docs with a simple click.


You’ll still need to enter a few ‘y’ commands, but the amount of interaction is pretty minimal. If anyone has found away around this, please, email me.

Contents of upload.bat:

set HOME=C:\Users\Owner\
cd C:\eclipse\workspace\HG_AN_EXAMPLE_PYPI_PROJECT
C:\Python24\python.exe bdist_egg upload --identity="Andrew Carter" --sign --quiet
C:\Python25\python.exe bdist_egg upload --identity="Andrew Carter" --sign --quiet
C:\Python26\python.exe bdist_egg upload --identity="Andrew Carter" --sign --quiet
C:\Python24\python.exe bdist_wininst --target-version=2.4 register upload --identity="Andrew Carter" --sign --quiet
C:\Python25\python.exe bdist_wininst --target-version=2.5 register upload --identity="Andrew Carter" --sign --quiet
C:\Python26\python.exe bdist_wininst --target-version=2.6 register upload --identity="Andrew Carter" --sign --quiet
C:\Python26\python.exe sdist upload --identity="Andrew Carter" --sign
C:\Python26\python.exe build_sphinx
C:\Python26\python.exe upload_sphinx

You can now visit to see the files that were uploaded to pypi.

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