Client side examples

A few client-side implementations are given here, in different languages.

The called api is config/get on an api controller mounted on ‘/api’, and the server is supposed to be listening on

The actual controller implementation would look like this:

class ConfigController(WebServicesController):
    def get(self, varname):
        Returns a value from the configuration

        :param varname: The value name
            return turbogears.config.get(varname)
            return None


A few REST+XML or REST+JSON client-side implementations are given here.

The calls are done on

Note that these examples are adapted from working examples but have not been tested themselves.


Create a sample project with a fully functionnal server and usable client examples.


The wsdl file that describe the api is available at the following URL:

From this file any decent SOAP framework should give you access to your server API.

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