MultiIndex(d, N) Generates the multi index ordering for the construction of multidimensional Generalized Vandermonde matrices
almostEqual(x, y, tol) Check equality of two arrays objects up to a certain tolerance
almostEqualList(xArray, y, tol) Check equality of a list of floats against an iterable value up to certain tolerance
argsort_insertion(X, tol[, start_idx, end_idx]) Implements the insertion sort with binary_search.
binary_search(X, val, lo, hi, tol[, perm]) Search for the minimum X bigger than val
compare(x, y, tol) Compares two iterable objects up to a certain tolerance
findOverlapping(XF, X, tol) Finds overlapping points of XF on X grids of points.
machineEpsilon([func]) Returns the abolute machine precision for the type passed as argument
powerset(iterable) Compute the power set of an iterable object.
unique_cuts(X, tol[, retIdxs]) Returns the unique values and a list of arrays of boolean indicating the positions of the unique values.


ExpandingArray(initData[, allocInitDim, ...]) ExpandingArray is used for the dynamic allocation of memory in applications where the total allocated memory needed cannot be predicted.