Installing SpacePyΒΆ

SpacePy uses the standard Python distutils to compile and install. For detailed, platform-specific installation instructions, see:

For a list of dependencies, see SpacePy Dependencies.

Following are generic instructions.

Option 1) to install it in a standard location (depending on your system):

python install


sudo python install


python install --user

If you do not have administrative privileges, or you will be developing for SpacePy, the latter is recommended.

Option 2) to install in custom location, e.g.:

python install --home=/n/packages/lib/python

It is also possible to select a specific compiler for installing the IRBEM-LIB library as part of SpacePy. Currently the following flags are supported: gnu95, gnu, pg. You can invoke these by using one of the following commands below but not all of them are supported on all platforms:

  • python install --fcompiler=pg #(will use pgi compiler suite)
  • python install --fcompiler=gnu #(will use g77)
  • python install --fcompiler=gnu95 #(default option for using gfortran)