Before installing Sp2Learning you must check that the following softwares are installed on your system.


  • Make sure you have python >= 3.4 installed. If not follow the instructions from here.
  • According to your python version, make sure you have pip installed. If not follow the instructions from here.

Scientific Python libraries

Sp2Learning is using numpy >= 1.9 and scipy >= 0.15. For installing those packages read the instructions in: here.

Downloading Sp2Learning

  • The last stable release of Sp2Learning is available on PyPI.
  • You can clone the git repository of Sp2Learning from here.

Installing Sp2Learning

From sources

From Sp2Learning-x.x.x/ directory use pip install -e .

From PyPI

Just use : pip install Sp2Learning

Building documentation with Sphinx

Make sure you have Sphinx installed as described here.

Then you have to use the build_sphinx command : python build_sphinx

If errors occur, make sure you installed Sp2Learning before building the sphinx documentation.