Visualize model events and states using SimulationGUIDebug

Brian Jacobs, Kip Nicol and Logan Rockmore, a group of senior students of Professor Matloff at U. of California at Davis have developed a great tool for gaining insight into the event-by-event execution of a SimPy model. It is equally useful for teaching and program debugging.

The SimulationGUIDebug tool is a SimPy module which shows a GUI with a model’s event list and the status of selected Process and Resource instances over time. The user can interactively step from event to event and set breakpoints at one or more points in (simulated) time.

SimulationGUIDEbug can be used as a standalone debuger or together with Python debuggers such as PDB.

The tool was originally written for SimPy 1.9. It has been ported to SimPy 2.0.

The tool’s documentation (user guide, design overview, etc.) is here .

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