Source code for rusocsci.joystick

#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""RuSocSci module for the red joystick

Copyright (C) 2013 Wilbert van Ham, Radboud University Nijmegen
Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 3 or newer.

Known issues:
    - All usb2serial devices are detected. The list of joysticks therefore also contains

import sys, serial, time, os, re, logging, struct
import utils

# our buttonbox and joystick have id 0403:6001 from its UART IC
# make sure you have the pyusb module installed
# for MS Windows you may need this:
[docs]def getNumJoysticks(): """" Return a count of the number of joysticks available. This really returns a count of all usb to serial devices """ return len(utils.serialList())
[docs]class Joystick(): """ Typical usage:: from rusocsci import joystick import time nJoys = joystick.getNumJoysticks() # to check if we have any id=0 joy = joystick.Joystick(id)#id must be <= nJoys-1 while True:#while presenting stimuli x = joy.getX() time.sleep(1) """ def __init__(self, id=0, port=None): self.x = 126 # angle range is [51..201] [self._device, idString] =, port)) if idString == "joystick streaming angle, Ready!": logging.debug("Device is a joystick ({}): {}".format(len(idString), idString)) else: logging.error("Device is NOT a joystick ({}): {}".format(len(idString), idString)) def __del__(self): if self._device: self._device.close()
[docs] def getNumHats(self): "Get the number of hats on this joystick" return 0
[docs] def getX(self): "Returns the value on the X axis (equivalent to joystick.getAxis(0))" if self._device == None: logging.error("Joystick not initialized") return -1 self._device.timeout = 0 c = nBytes = 0 while len(c) != 0: self.x = struct.unpack('B', c)[0] nBytes+=1 c = logging.debug("read {} bytes, ending in {}".format(nBytes, self.x)) return self.x
[docs] def getAllAxes(self): """ Get a list of all current axis values """ return [self.getX()]
[docs] def getNumAxes(self): """ Returns the number of joystick axes found """ return 1
[docs] def getAxis(self, axisId): """ Get the value of an axis by an integer id (from 0 to number of axes-1) """ return self.getX()
[docs] def clearEvents(): if _device == None: event.flushInput(keyboard) else: self._device.flushInput()