xl.sheet - The Excel workbook model

class xl.sheet.Workbook(*args)
classmethod default_workbook()

Returns a Range for the requested table column, named Excel range, or Excel address (ex. A1:B20)

The returned Range has been normalized (see Range.normalize()); if possible, it is clipped to an overlapping table’s data area, as well as the worksheet’s used range.


Returns a Range for the requested named Excel range or Excel address.

The returned range is not normalized, e.g. range(“A:A”) returns a Range containing ~1mil rows, rather than clipping to the ‘used range’ / table areas. See also get

classmethod set_default_workbook(workbook)
view(obj, name=None, to=None)

Writes a Python iterable to an available location in the workbook, with an optional header (name). The optional to argument specifies a location hint.

If None, the values are written to an empty column on the active sheet. If to is a Range, the values are written to it (like Range.set, but with the header prepended) If to is a Table, the values are written to a new column in the table.

class xl.sheet.Worksheet(xlSheet)

Returns a list of all table-like things on the sheet

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