Python-PouchDB is a Python wrapper for the PouchDB JavaScript library.

If you just want to use PouchDB like in JavaScript, check out the documentation for the pouchdb package. It’s all you need when using Python-PouchDB normally.

If you want to store Python objects (for JSON-serializable objects you don’t need this!) in your PouchDB, you have two options:

Python-PouchDB uses Qt to wrap PouchDB. This means you need one of its Python bindings: PySide, PyQt4 or PyQt5. When multiple are installed, it uses the one which is already imported at the time the pouchdb module is imported (or chooses one itself when none are).

PouchDB Plug-ins

Python-PouchDB not only wraps PouchDB, but also quite a few of its plug-ins. Their Python API is described in the documentation for the pouchdb package. The included plug-ins are as follows:

Third party plug-ins:

Plug-ins developed alongside Python-PouchDB:

JavaScript documentation for the plug-ins developed alongside Python-PouchDB is available on their JavaScript documentation page.

For more information on the plug-ins developed alongside Python-PouchDB, and download links for their browser versions, see their common webpage.

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