PynPoint has already been demonstrated on data and used to find exo-planet systems. We will maintain a list of such systems. If you find interesting objects in your data that you would like for us to list please, email the PynPoint team.

PynPoint results

1) Beta Pictoris b - a young gas giant planet

In our first PynPoint paper, where we presented the PSF modeling approach based on principal component analysis, we used publicly available data of the exoplanet beta Pictoris b to demonstrate the power of PynPoint. The final image of the exoplanet, a detailed description of the data and all relevant references can be found in our method paper.

2) HD100546 b - a planet in formation?

The first new science result from PynPoint was the discovery of a protoplanet candidate embedded in the protoplanetary disk around the young, intermediate mass star HD100546. The brightness and morphology of the object suggest that HD100546 b might be a gas giant planet still in the process of formation. If confirmed, it would be the first time such an object was directly imaged. See the discovery paper of HD100546 b for more details.

3) HD95086 b - detection and confirmation of a 4-5 Jupiter mass planet

PynPoint was used in the discovery and later in the confirmation of HD95086 b, which is, together with GJ 504 b, probably the lowest mass exoplanet ever imaged around a nearby star. The two papers are: confirmation and detection.