PynPoint is a python package for analysing exo-planet imaging data. When trying to image planets around a nearby star, the basic idea is to take many, typically several thousands, of frames and to process the data using statistical methods. The aim is to remove the light from the star, so as to reveal the companion planet.


The PynPoint package has been developed at ETH Zurich as a collaboration between the Star and Planet Formation Group and the Cosmology Research Group of the ETH Institute of Astronomy. Details of the methodology behind PynPoint can be found in our method paper. The package was further developed, with the support of the Software Lab of the Cosmology Research Group, and is now publicly available. Further information on the package can also be found in our code description paper.

Image Credits

The image above was produced using one of the artistic renderings of the protoplanet candidate HD100546b in the ESO press release: The Birth of a Giant Planet?