Welcome to PyTabular’s documentation!

PyTabular is a Python package for processing LateX tables. Create a table from existing Excel or csv documents, or use Python array-like objects. Then customize the look of your tables with built-in methods.


  • array indexing
  • power and control: operate on the whole table, rows, columns, and even cells!
  • formatting options: bold, emphasis, underline, rotation, fontsize, spacing, color
  • horizontal and vertical lines by cell, row, column
  • alignment by cell, row, column
  • merging
  • custom formatting
  • support for longtables


Latex Packages:

  • booktabs
  • makecell
  • longtable
  • multirow
  • ulem
  • tabu
  • caption
  • pdflscape
  • xcolor (with table option)

Latex Commands:

  • renewcommand{rothead}[2][60]{makebox[9mm][c]{rotatebox{#1}{makecell[c]{#2}}}}
  • newcommand{mc}{multicolumn}
  • newcommand{mr}{multirow}

Python Packages:

  • numpy


pip install pytabular

Updating pytabular

pip install --upgrade pytabular


For source code and issues, please go to the github page

How to Use PyTabular

We hope that PyTabular is easy to use. We provide a tutorial to help.


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