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PyMedTermino (Medical Terminologies for Python) is a Python module for easy access to the main medical terminologies in Python, including SNOMED CT, ICD10, MedDRA, CDF, UMLS and VCM icons. PyMedTermino has been designed for “batch” access to terminologies; it is not a terminology browser. SNOMED CT, ICD10 and UMLS data are not included (because they are not freely redistribuable) but they can be downloaded for free in XML format, for research / academic purpose (see PyMedTermino tutorial for links).

PyMedTermino is available under the GNU LGPL licence, and it has been created by Jean-Baptiste Lamy:

<jean-baptiste.lamy @ univ-paris13 . fr>

LIMICS, Paris 13 University, Sorbonne Paris Cité, INSERM UMRS 1142, Paris 6 University
74 rue Marcel Cachin
93017 Bobigny, France

PyMedTermino on BitBucket (development repository): https://bitbucket.org/jibalamy/pymedtermino

PyMedTermino on PyPI (Python Package Index, stable release): https://pypi.python.org/pypi/PyMedTermino

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