The tkinter_gui Module

class mediawindows.tkinter_gui.AskDialog(s='')

Simple Ask Dialog with a one line entry.

class mediawindows.tkinter_gui.AskNumberDialog(s='')

Ask Dialog for numbers only.

class mediawindows.tkinter_gui.PictureInspector(image, inspectable)

A Picture tool that allows you to find information about digital images.

Selecting Pixels: To select a pixel drag (click and hold down) the mouse to the position you want and then release it to hold that position’s information in the toolbar.

X = the x coordinate of the pixel (counting from the left) Y = the y coordinate of the pixel (counting from the top) R = the Red value of the pixel (0 to 255) G = the Green value of the pixel (0 to 255) B = the Blue value of the pixel (0 to 255)

Zooming in/out: To Zoom, select the amount of zoom you want from the zoom menu. Less than 100% zooms out and more than 100% zooms in. The 100% zoom level will always return you to your orginal Picture.


Set up the zoom menu for this OpenPictureTool.

update_information(x, y)

Update this OpenPictureTool’s display information for coordinate (x, y).


Zoom in or out by a factor of float factor.

class mediawindows.tkinter_gui.SayDialog(s='')

Simple Say dialog.

mediawindows.tkinter_gui.ask(s, num=False, hidden=False, choices=None, multi=False)

Display a dialog containing s, a text field for a response, and an “OK” and “CANCEL” button. The optional parameters modify the look of the dialog in listed priority:

If the optional bool num is given as True, the dialog will contain a numerical input slider. Return an int of the input.

If the optional bool hidden is given as True, the entry box will show all text given in a manner similar to a password box. Return a str of the input.

If the optional list choices is given which is a list of strings, the dialog box will show a selection box from where the user may choose one of the given options. Return an int indicating the index of the chosen option in choices. If the bool multi is given as True, the user may choose multiple options from the given choices. Will return a list of ints indicating the indices of the selected options from the given choices.

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