Using with Subversion (paver.svn)

Convenience functions for working with svn.

This module does not include any tasks, only functions.

At this point, these functions do not use any kind of library. They require the svn binary on the path.

paver.svn.checkout(url, dest, revision='')

Checks out the specified URL to the given destination.

paver.svn.checkup(url, dest, revision='')

Does a checkout or update, depending on whether the destination exists and is up to date (if a revision is passed in). Returns true if a checkout or update was performed. False otherwise.

paver.svn.export(url, dest, revision='')

Exports the specified URL to the given destination.'')

Retrieves the svn info for the path and returns a dictionary of the values. Names are normalized to lower case with spaces converted to underscores.

paver.svn.update(path='', revision='')

Run an svn update on the given path.

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