Miscellaneous Tasks (paver.misctasks)

These are some other tasks that are located in the paver.misctasks module.

Miscellaneous tasks that don’t fit into one of the other groupings.


Generates a setup.py file that uses paver behind the scenes. This setup.py file will look in the directory that the user is running it in for a paver-minilib.zip and will add that to sys.path if available. Otherwise, it will just assume that paver is available.


Create a Paver mini library that contains enough for a simple pavement.py to be installed using a generated setup.py. This is a good temporary measure until more people have deployed paver. The output file is ‘paver-minilib.zip’ in the current directory.


if set to True, paver version will be added into minilib’s filename (ie paver-minilib-1.1.0.zip) purpose is to avoid import error while using different versions of minilib with easy_install (default False)
list of other paver modules to include (don’t include the .py extension). By default, the following modules are included: defaults, path, release, setuputils, misctasks, options, tasks, easy

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