• Kevin Dangoor is the original author, designer and coder.
  • The Paver project has gotten patches from Juergen Hermann, Marc Sibson, Greg Thornton, Michael Greene, Krys Wilken, Bryan Forbes and Ryan Wilcox.
  • Ned Batchelder’s “cog” package is included for handling inclusion of files into the docs.
  • Ian Bicking provided a lot of great input prior to Paver’s initial release pointers to code that he’s been using both at Open Planning and prior to working there.
  • Ian is also the original author of the paver.setuputils.find_package_data function.
  • Jason Orendorff wrote the original module that paver.path is based upon.
  • Michael Foord’s Mock module is included to assist in testing.
  • Ian Bicking, Jim Fulton, Philip Eby and Georg Brandl lead the various projects that the Paver Standard Library takes advantage of. Without those projects, Paver users would have to do a lot more work.
  • Though it seems almost too obvious for a Python project, Guido van Rossum deserves credit for making and steering a language that is so flexible and clean for such a wide variety of tasks.

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