The planets of the solar system are defined in this module.

For example, earth can be imported as follows:

from orbital.bodies import earth

The definition of specific apside names allows the following code:

>>> from orbital import KeplerianElements, uranus

>>> orbit = KeplerianElements.with_altitude(6e8, body=uranus)
>>> orbit.apouranion_radius
>>> orbit.apocenter_radius == orbit.apouranion_radius

The full list of defined planets and their apside names is shown below:

Body Apoapsis Names Periapsis Names
mercury Aphermion Perihermion
venus Apocytherion Pericytherion
Apocytherean Pericytherean
Apokrition Perikrition
earth Apogee Perigee
mars Apoareion Periareion
jupiter Apozene Perizene
Apojove Perijove
saturn Apokrone Perikrone
Aposaturnium Perisaturnium
uranus Apouranion Periuranion
neptune Apoposeidon Periposeidon