Browse records

A great functionality of OdooRPC is its ability to generate objects that are similar to records used on the server side.

Get records

To get one or more records (a recordset), you will use the browse method from a model proxy:

>>> Partner = odoo.env['res.partner']
>>> partner = Partner.browse(1)     # fetch one record, partner ID = 1
>>> partner
Recordset('res.partner', [1])
>>> for partner in Partner.browse([1, 3]):  # fetch several records
>>>     print(

From such objects, it is possible to easily explore relationships. The related records are generated on the fly:

>>> partner = Partner.browse(1)
>>> for child in partner.child_ids:
...     print("%s (%s)" % (,
Mark Davis (YourCompany)
Roger Scott (YourCompany)

Outside relation fields, Python data types are used, like and datetime.datetime:

>>> Purchase = odoo.env['purchase.order']
>>> order = Purchase.browse(1)
>>> order.date_order
datetime.datetime(2016, 11, 6, 11, 23, 10)

A list of data types used by records fields are available here.

Get records corresponding to an External ID

To get a record through its external ID, use the ref method from the environment:

>>> lang_en = odoo.env.ref('base.lang_en')
>>> lang_en
Recordset('res.lang', [1])
>>> lang_en.code

Next step: Call methods from a Model or from records