This module contains all exceptions raised by OdooRPC when an error occurred.

exception odoorpc.error.Error

Base class for exception.

exception odoorpc.error.InternalError

Exception raised for errors occurring during an internal operation.

exception odoorpc.error.RPCError(message, info=False)

Exception raised for errors related to RPC queries. Error details (like the Odoo server traceback) are available through the info attribute:

>>> from pprint import pprint as pp
>>> try:
...     odoo.execute('res.users', 'wrong_method')
... except odoorpc.error.RPCError as exc:
...     pp(exc.info)
{'code': 200,
 'data': {'arguments': ["type object 'res.users' has no attribute 'wrong_method'"],
          'debug': 'Traceback (most recent call last):\n  File ...',
          'exception_type': 'internal_error',
          'message': "'res.users' object has no attribute 'wrong_method'",
          'name': 'exceptions.AttributeError'}
 'message': 'Odoo Server Error'}