Download and install instructions

Python Package Index (PyPI)

You can install OdooRPC with pip:

$ pip install odoorpc

No dependency is required.

Source code

The project is hosted on GitHub. To get the current development branch (master), just type:

$ git clone

For the last version of a stable branch (replace X.Y accordingly):

$ git checkout X.Y

Run tests

Unit tests depend on the standard module unittest (Python 2.7 and 3.x). To run all unit tests from the project directory, run the following command:

$ python -m unittest discover -v

To run a specific test:

$ python -m unittest -v odoorpc.tests.test_init

To configure the connection to the server, some environment variables are available:

$ export ORPC_TEST_PROTOCOL=jsonrpc
$ export ORPC_TEST_HOST=localhost
$ export ORPC_TEST_PORT=8069
$ export ORPC_TEST_DB=odoorpc_test
$ export ORPC_TEST_USER=admin
$ export ORPC_TEST_PWD=admin
$ export ORPC_TEST_VERSION=10.0
$ export ORPC_TEST_SUPER_PWD=admin
$ python -m unittest discover -v

The database odoorpc_test will be created if it does not exist.