Module maintainersΒΆ

Ideally, each module should have approx. two maintainers.

signals: Pierre Yger, LaurentPerrinet, Jens Kremkow (others volunteers are more than welcome)
parameters: Andrew Davison
io: Pierre Yger and ...
plotting: Daniel Bruederle
analysis: Eilif Muller
utilities: Daniel Bruederle
stgen: Eilif Muller, Michael Schmuker
examples: LaurentPerrinet
spike2: Jens Kremkow
datastore: Andrew Davison

Maintainers are responsible for

  • identifying missing functionality/tests/docs in their module
  • writing tickets using GitHub’s ticket system)
  • finding volunteers to write the code, tests and documentation

Documentation manager: Pierre Yger

advertising: Laurent Perrinet

Responsibilities: combining the documentation from the different modules into a coherent whole, ensuring consistent formatting, spell-checking, etc.

Testing manager: Andrew Davison


  • identifying areas of the codebase that are not well tested, and notifying
the module maintainers
  • organizing/collecting tests that use several of the NeuroTools modules, i.e. integration tests rather than unit tests.

Packaging manager: Eric Mueller


  •, i.e. making sure that distutils installation works.
  • uploading packages to PyPI,, etc.
  • evaluating whether easy_install would work for NeuroTools

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