Graph Suite

Contains all functionality needed to plot functions easily. Uses pyplot from matplotlib.

IntervalPlot3D – takes a function in R3, an x domain, and a y domain, and plots the function at all points on those domains.

barGraph – takes some data points and plots them as a series of bars, with optionally specifiable tick labels.

plot2D – takes a set of data with two columns and plots the data, where markers for the data set can be specified.

plotmult2D – takes two data sets and plots each, where each data set is like the input for plot2D.

graph_suite.IntervalPlot3D(function, x_domain, y_domain, xlabel='', ylabel='', zlabel='', title='', fontsize=30)

Plots a function over a given domain, allowing the user to provide labels for the axes.

Requires a user to provide a function, and x_domain, and a y_domain. Keyword args:

The three labels for the axes

title - The title of the chart
fontsize - Override the default font size, which is 14
graph_suite.barGraph(data, ylabel='', title='', xticklabels=None)

Displays all of the data points in data as a series of bars.

Optionally a user can provide a label for the y-axis, a title, and tick labels for the bars.

graph_suite.plot2D(data, xtitle='', ytitle='', title='', marker='b-', fontsize=30)

Takes two columns for data, and plots it.

Keyword arguments (optional):
axes titles
plot title
marker (uses pyplot’s standard markers)
graph_suite.plotmult2D(data1, data2, xtitle='', ytitle='', title='', marker1='b-', marker2='r^', fontsize=30)

Similar to plot2D, but plots 2 data sets.

Takes two datasets, each consisting of two columns.

Keyword arguments (optional):
axes labels
plot title