4. RecipesΒΆ

Each recipe is a collection of ingredients.

The recipe directory will contain:

  • An input.inp file, which is a copy of the original input file and is used by MAST when checking the recipe. The original input file is not used. This copy also contains The Personal Recipe section, which is not in the original input file.
  • Archive files from the initial setup of the recipe directory
  • Ingredient directories
  • A top-level metadata.txt file, which stores important information for MAST
  • A status.txt file listing the status of each ingredient
  • If an error is detected, a MAST_ERROR file will be created using the error text.

For other logging information, see the $MAST_CONTROL/mast.log file.

A recipe object (created by MAST from the input file, and accessible to MAST while MAST is running) will have:

  • A name, which is the full path to the recipe’s directory

  • Several dictionaries which specify:

    • Which ingredient directories exist

    • Which ingredients have parents, and the names of those parent ingredients

    • Which method(s) each ingredient should run for each mast_xxx_method (see The Ingredients section)

      • Which method(s) each ingredient should run for its mast_update_children_method, depending on the name of the child ingredient