When given a DeleteTable, the connection will return a DeleteTableResponse:

>>> r = connection(DeleteTable(table))
>>> r
<LowVoltage.actions.delete_table.DeleteTableResponse ...>
>>> r.table_description.table_status

Note that you can use the wait_for_table_deletion() compound to poll the table status until it’s deleted. See Actions vs. compounds in the user guide.

class DeleteTableResponse

The DeleteTable response.


The description of the table you just deleted.

Type:None or TableDescription
class DeleteTable(table_name=None)

The DeleteTable request.

Passing table_name to the constructor is like calling table_name() on the new instance.


Set TableName. Mandatory, can also be set in the constructor.

>>> connection(DeleteTable().table_name(table2))
<LowVoltage.actions.delete_table.DeleteTableResponse ...>