Source code for athena.classes.api

    The "Api" class is used when an instance
    of an API is required in the athena.apis.api_lib
    Use "from athena.apis import api_lib" & "api_lib['(api_name_key)']"
    to access instances of APIs.

[docs]class Api(object): def __init__(self, key, save_data=None, enabled=True): """ Make a unique api key name (e.g. 'spotify_api') """ self.key = key self.save_data = save_data self.enabled = enabled
[docs] def verify_data(self, user): """ Verify that the current user .yml file has required save_data attributes """ try: if hasattr(self, 'save_data'): for tup in self.save_data: """ If data is required and not there, throw error """ if tup[0] in user[self.key]: setattr(self, tup[0], user[self.key][tup[0]]) elif tup[2]: raise Exception return True except Exception as e: print(e) return False