Source code for athena.apis

    Finds and stores APIs in the 'api_lib' global variable

import pkgutil, inspect, traceback

from athena import api_library

api_lib = None

[docs]def find_apis(): """ Find APIs """ global api_lib api_lib = {} print('~ Looking for APIs in: '+str(api_library.__path__).replace('\\\\', '\\')[1:-1]) for finder, name, _ in pkgutil.iter_modules(api_library.__path__): try: file = finder.find_module(name).load_module(name) for member in dir(file): obj = getattr(file, member) if inspect.isclass(obj): for parent in obj.__bases__: if 'Api' is parent.__name__: api = obj() api_lib[api.key] = api except Exception as e: print(traceback.format_exc()) print('\n~ Error loading \''+name+'\' '+str(e))
[docs]def verify_apis(user): """ Verify APIs """ global api_lib api_lib = dict(item for item in api_lib.items() if item[1].verify_data(user))
[docs]def list_apis(): """ List APIs """ global api_lib print('\n~ APIs: ', end='') print(str(list(api_lib.keys()))[1:-1]+'\n')