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# Gramps - a GTK+/GNOME based genealogy program
# Copyright (C) 2007       Brian G. Matherly
# Copyright (C) 2010       Peter Landgren
# Copyright (C) 2010       Jakim Friant
# Copyright (C) 2011       Adam Stein <>
# Copyright (C) 2011       Tim G L Lyons
# Copyright (C) 2013       Paul Franklin
# This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, 
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
# Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA.

Provide utilities for printing endnotes in text reports.
from ..docgen import FontStyle, ParagraphStyle, FONT_SANS_SERIF
from ...lib import NoteType, Citation
from ...const import GRAMPS_LOCALE as glocale
_ = glocale.translation.gettext
from ...utils.string import conf_strings

[docs]def add_endnote_styles(style_sheet): """ Add paragraph styles to a style sheet to be used for displaying endnotes. :param style_sheet: Style sheet :type style_sheet: :class:`.StyleSheet` """ font = FontStyle() font.set(face=FONT_SANS_SERIF, size=14, italic=1) para = ParagraphStyle() para.set_font(font) para.set_header_level(2) para.set_top_margin(0.2) para.set_bottom_margin(0.2) para.set_description(_('The style used for the generation header.')) style_sheet.add_paragraph_style("Endnotes-Header", para) para = ParagraphStyle() para.set(first_indent=-0.75, lmargin=.75) para.set_top_margin(0.2) para.set_bottom_margin(0.0) para.set_description(_('The basic style used for the endnotes source display.')) style_sheet.add_paragraph_style("Endnotes-Source", para) para = ParagraphStyle() para.set(lmargin=.75) para.set_top_margin(0.2) para.set_bottom_margin(0.0) para.set_description(_('The basic style used for the endnotes notes display.')) style_sheet.add_paragraph_style("Endnotes-Source-Notes", para) para = ParagraphStyle() para.set(first_indent=-0.9, lmargin=1.9) para.set_top_margin(0.2) para.set_bottom_margin(0.0) para.set_description(_('The basic style used for the endnotes reference display.')) style_sheet.add_paragraph_style("Endnotes-Ref", para) para = ParagraphStyle() para.set(lmargin=1.9) para.set_top_margin(0.2) para.set_bottom_margin(0.0) para.set_description(_('The basic style used for the endnotes reference notes display.')) style_sheet.add_paragraph_style("Endnotes-Ref-Notes", para)
[docs]def cite_source(bibliography, database, obj): """ Cite any sources for the object and add them to the bibliography. :param bibliography: The bibliography to contain the citations. :type bibliography: :class:`.Bibliography` :param obj: An object with source references. :type obj: :class:`~.citationbase.CitationBase` """ txt = "" slist = obj.get_citation_list() if slist: first = 1 for ref in slist: if not first: txt += ', ' first = 0 citation = database.get_citation_from_handle(ref) (cindex, key) = bibliography.add_reference(citation) txt += "%d" % (cindex + 1) if key is not None: txt += key return txt
[docs]def write_endnotes(bibliography, database, doc, printnotes=False, links=False, elocale=glocale): """ Write all the entries in the bibliography as endnotes. If elocale is passed in (a :class:`.GrampsLocale`), then (insofar as possible) the translated values will be returned instead. :param bibliography: The bibliography that contains the citations. :type bibliography: :class:`.Bibliography` :param database: The database that the sources come from. :type database: DbBase :param doc: The document to write the endnotes into. :type doc: :class:`~.docgen.TextDoc` :param printnotes: Indicate if the notes attached to a source must be written too. :type printnotes: bool :param links: Indicate if URL links should be makde 'clickable'. :type links: bool :param elocale: allow deferred translation of dates and strings :type elocale: a :class:`.GrampsLocale` instance """ if bibliography.get_citation_count() == 0: return trans_text = elocale.translation.gettext # trans_text is a defined keyword (see po/, po/ doc.start_paragraph('Endnotes-Header') doc.write_text(trans_text('Endnotes')) doc.end_paragraph() cindex = 0 for citation in bibliography.get_citation_list(): cindex += 1 source = database.get_source_from_handle(citation.get_source_handle()) first = True doc.start_paragraph('Endnotes-Source', "%d." % cindex) doc.write_text(_format_source_text(source), links=links) doc.end_paragraph() if printnotes: _print_notes(source, database, doc, 'Endnotes-Source-Notes', links) for key, ref in citation.get_ref_list(): doc.start_paragraph('Endnotes-Ref', "%s:" % key) doc.write_text(_format_ref_text(ref, key, elocale), links=links) doc.end_paragraph() if printnotes: _print_notes(ref, database, doc, 'Endnotes-Ref-Notes', links)
def _format_source_text(source): if not source: return "" src_txt = "" if source.get_author(): src_txt += source.get_author() if source.get_title(): if src_txt: src_txt += ", " src_txt += '"%s"' % source.get_title() if source.get_publication_info(): if src_txt: src_txt += ", " src_txt += source.get_publication_info() if source.get_abbreviation(): if src_txt: src_txt += ", " src_txt += "(%s)" % source.get_abbreviation() return src_txt def _format_ref_text(ref, key, elocale): if not ref: return "" ref_txt = "" datepresent = False date = ref.get_date_object() if date is not None and not date.is_empty(): datepresent = True if datepresent: if ref.get_page(): ref_txt = "%s - %s" % (ref.get_page(), elocale.get_date(date)) else: ref_txt = elocale.get_date(date) else: ref_txt = ref.get_page() # Print only confidence level if it is not Normal if ref.get_confidence_level() != Citation.CONF_NORMAL: ref_txt += " [" + elocale.translation.gettext( conf_strings[ref.get_confidence_level()]) + "]" return ref_txt def _print_notes(obj, db, doc, style, links): note_list = obj.get_note_list() ind = 1 for notehandle in note_list: note = db.get_note_from_handle(notehandle) contains_html = note.get_type() == NoteType.HTML_CODE doc.write_styled_note(note.get_styledtext(), note.get_format(), style, contains_html=contains_html, links=links) ind += 1