Source code for gramps.gen.plug.docgen.paragraphstyle

# Gramps - a GTK+/GNOME based genealogy program
# Copyright (C) 2000-2007  Donald N. Allingham
# Copyright (C) 2002       Gary Shao
# Copyright (C) 2007       Brian G. Matherly
# Copyright (C) 2009       Benny Malengier
# Copyright (C) 2009       Gary Burton
# This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
# Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA.

# standard python modules

# GRAMPS modules
from .fontstyle import FontStyle

# set up logging
import logging
log = logging.getLogger(".paragraphstyle")

# Paragraph alignment

# ParagraphStyle
[docs]class ParagraphStyle(object): """ Defines the characteristics of a paragraph. The characteristics are: font (a :class:`.FontStyle` instance), right margin, left margin, first indent, top margin, bottom margin, alignment, level, top border, bottom border, right border, left border, padding, and background color. """ def __init__(self, source=None): """ :param source: if not None, then the ParagraphStyle is created using the values of the source instead of the default values. """ if source: self.font = FontStyle(source.font) self.rmargin = source.rmargin self.lmargin = source.lmargin self.first_indent = source.first_indent self.tmargin = source.tmargin self.bmargin = source.bmargin self.align = source.align self.level = source.level self.top_border = source.top_border self.bottom_border = source.bottom_border self.right_border = source.right_border self.left_border = source.left_border self.pad = source.pad self.bgcolor = source.bgcolor self.description = source.description self.tabs = source.tabs else: self.font = FontStyle() self.rmargin = 0 self.lmargin = 0 self.tmargin = 0 self.bmargin = 0 self.first_indent = 0 self.align = PARA_ALIGN_LEFT self.level = 0 self.top_border = 0 self.bottom_border = 0 self.right_border = 0 self.left_border = 0 self.pad = 0 self.bgcolor = (255, 255, 255) self.description = "" self.tabs = []
[docs] def set_description(self, text): """ Set the desciption of the paragraph """ self.description = text
[docs] def get_description(self): """ Return the desciption of the paragraph """ return self.description
[docs] def set(self, rmargin=None, lmargin=None, first_indent=None, tmargin=None, bmargin=None, align=None, tborder=None, bborder=None, rborder=None, lborder=None, pad=None, bgcolor=None, font=None): """ Allows the values of the object to be set. :param rmargin: right indent in centimeters :param lmargin: left indent in centimeters :param first_indent: first line indent in centimeters :param tmargin: space above paragraph in centimeters :param bmargin: space below paragraph in centimeters :param align: alignment type (PARA_ALIGN_LEFT, PARA_ALIGN_RIGHT, PARA_ALIGN_CENTER, or PARA_ALIGN_JUSTIFY) :param tborder: non zero indicates that a top border should be used :param bborder: non zero indicates that a bottom border should be used :param rborder: non zero indicates that a right border should be used :param lborder: non zero indicates that a left border should be used :param pad: padding in centimeters :param bgcolor: background color of the paragraph as an RGB tuple. :param font: FontStyle instance that defines the font """ if font is not None: self.font = FontStyle(font) if pad is not None: self.set_padding(pad) if tborder is not None: self.set_top_border(tborder) if bborder is not None: self.set_bottom_border(bborder) if rborder is not None: self.set_right_border(rborder) if lborder is not None: self.set_left_border(lborder) if bgcolor is not None: self.set_background_color(bgcolor) if align is not None: self.set_alignment(align) if rmargin is not None: self.set_right_margin(rmargin) if lmargin is not None: self.set_left_margin(lmargin) if first_indent is not None: self.set_first_indent(first_indent) if tmargin is not None: self.set_top_margin(tmargin) if bmargin is not None: self.set_bottom_margin(bmargin)
[docs] def set_header_level(self, level): """ Set the header level for the paragraph. This is useful for numbered paragraphs. A value of 1 indicates a header level format of X, a value of two implies X.X, etc. A value of zero means no header level. """ self.level = level
[docs] def get_header_level(self): "Return the header level of the paragraph" return self.level
[docs] def set_font(self, font): """ Set the font style of the paragraph. :param font: :class:`.FontStyle` object containing the font definition to use. """ self.font = FontStyle(font)
[docs] def get_font(self): "Return the :class:`.FontStyle` of the paragraph" return self.font
[docs] def set_padding(self, val): """ Set the paragraph padding in centimeters :param val: floating point value indicating the padding in centimeters """ self.pad = val
[docs] def get_padding(self): """Return a the padding of the paragraph""" return self.pad
[docs] def set_top_border(self, val): """ Set the presence or absence of top border. :param val: True indicates a border should be used, False indicates no border. """ self.top_border = val
[docs] def get_top_border(self): "Return 1 if a top border is specified" return self.top_border
[docs] def set_bottom_border(self, val): """ Set the presence or absence of bottom border. :param val: True indicates a border should be used, False indicates no border. """ self.bottom_border = val
[docs] def get_bottom_border(self): "Return 1 if a bottom border is specified" return self.bottom_border
[docs] def set_left_border(self, val): """ Set the presence or absence of left border. :param val: True indicates a border should be used, False indicates no border. """ self.left_border = val
[docs] def get_left_border(self): "Return 1 if a left border is specified" return self.left_border
[docs] def set_right_border(self, val): """ Set the presence or absence of rigth border. :param val: True indicates a border should be used, False indicates no border. """ self.right_border = val
[docs] def get_right_border(self): "Return 1 if a right border is specified" return self.right_border
[docs] def get_background_color(self): """ Return a tuple indicating the RGB components of the background color """ return self.bgcolor
[docs] def set_background_color(self, color): """ Set the background color of the paragraph. :param color: tuple representing the RGB components of a color (0,0,0) to (255,255,255) """ self.bgcolor = color
[docs] def set_alignment(self, align): """ Set the paragraph alignment. :param align: PARA_ALIGN_LEFT, PARA_ALIGN_RIGHT, PARA_ALIGN_CENTER, or PARA_ALIGN_JUSTIFY """ self.align = align
[docs] def get_alignment(self): "Return the alignment of the paragraph" return self.align
[docs] def get_alignment_text(self): """ Return a text string representing the alignment, either 'left', 'right', 'center', or 'justify' """ if self.align == PARA_ALIGN_LEFT: return "left" elif self.align == PARA_ALIGN_CENTER: return "center" elif self.align == PARA_ALIGN_RIGHT: return "right" elif self.align == PARA_ALIGN_JUSTIFY: return "justify" return "unknown"
[docs] def set_left_margin(self, value): "sets the left indent in centimeters" self.lmargin = value
[docs] def set_right_margin(self, value): "sets the right indent in centimeters" self.rmargin = value
[docs] def set_first_indent(self, value): "sets the first line indent in centimeters" self.first_indent = value
[docs] def set_top_margin(self, value): "sets the space above paragraph in centimeters" self.tmargin = value
[docs] def set_bottom_margin(self, value): "sets the space below paragraph in centimeters" self.bmargin = value
[docs] def get_left_margin(self): "returns the left indent in centimeters" return self.lmargin
[docs] def get_right_margin(self): "returns the right indent in centimeters" return self.rmargin
[docs] def get_first_indent(self): "returns the first line indent in centimeters" return self.first_indent
[docs] def get_top_margin(self): "returns the space above paragraph in centimeters" return self.tmargin
[docs] def get_bottom_margin(self): "returns the space below paragraph in centimeters" return self.bmargin
[docs] def set_tabs(self, tab_stops): assert isinstance(tab_stops, list) self.tabs = tab_stops
[docs] def get_tabs(self): return self.tabs