Package genshi :: Package template :: Module astutil :: Class ASTTransformer

Class ASTTransformer

object --+
Known Subclasses:

General purpose base class for AST transformations.

Every visitor method can be overridden to return an AST node that has been altered or replaced in some way.

Instance Methods
visit(self, node)
visit_Module(self, node)
visit_Interactive(self, node)
visit_Expression(self, node)
visit_Suite(self, node)
visit_FunctionDef(self, node)
visit_ClassDef(self, node)
visit_Return(self, node)
visit_Delete(self, node)
visit_Assign(self, node)
visit_AugAssign(self, node)
visit_Print(self, node)
visit_For(self, node)
visit_While(self, node)
visit_If(self, node)
visit_With(self, node)
visit_Raise(self, node)
visit_TryExcept(self, node)
visit_TryFinally(self, node)
visit_Assert(self, node)
visit_ExceptHandler(self, node)
visit_Import(self, node)
visit_ImportFrom(self, node)
visit_Exec(self, node)
visit_Global(self, node)
visit_Expr(self, node)
visit_BoolOp(self, node)
visit_BinOp(self, node)
visit_UnaryOp(self, node)
visit_Lambda(self, node)
visit_IfExp(self, node)
visit_Dict(self, node)
visit_ListComp(self, node)
visit_GeneratorExp(self, node)
visit_Yield(self, node)
visit_Compare(self, node)
visit_Call(self, node)
visit_Repr(self, node)
visit_Attribute(self, node)
visit_Subscript(self, node)
visit_Name(self, node)
visit_List(self, node)
visit_Tuple(self, node)
visit_comprehension(self, node)
visit_excepthandler(self, node)
visit_arguments(self, node)
visit_keyword(self, node)
visit_alias(self, node)
visit_Slice(self, node)
visit_ExtSlice(self, node)
visit_Index(self, node)

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