Flask-MoreSQL is an extension to Flask, a microframework for Python, that allows developers to easily build RESTful APIs on top of PostgreSQL databases.

In other words, it is a thin layer of glue between Python web applications and PostgreSQL stored procedures.

Flask-MoreSQL depends on the psycopg2 module.


Install the extension with one of the following commands:

$ pip install Flask-MoreSQL

Alternatively, use easy_install:

$ easy_install Flask-MoreSQL


To use Flask-MoreSQL, create a Flask application and connect it to a MoreSQL object:

from flask import Flask
from flask.ext.moresql import MoreSQL

app = Flask(__name__)
app.config['MORESQL_DATABASE_URI'] = 'postgres://user:pass@host:5432/dbname'
db = MoreSQL(app)

Make sure to specify your database credentials in MORESQL_DATABASE_URI.

You can then map routes to specific stored procedures as follows:

@app.route('/user', methods=['GET'])
def get_user_data():
    return db.execute('get_user', fields=['username', 'password'])

The example above maps GET requests to /user to the get_user stored procedure. Other than the stored procedure name, the execute() method takes a list as a parameter to specify which of the HTTP request values have to be used in the stored procedure call, username and password in our example.

If request values have to be modified before calling the stored procedure, they can be passed to execute() via the optional keyword argument values:

@app.route('/user', methods=['GET'])
def get_user_data():
    modified_values = {
        'username': request.values.get('username').lower(),
        'password': request.values.get('password')
    return db.execute('get_user',
                      fields=['username', 'password'],

Finally, the value returned by the stored procedure is returned as JSON to the client.

API Reference

class flask_moresql.MoreSQL(app)

Used to connect to a given PostgreSQL database.

To use MoreSQL you need to first create a Flask application, and then bind a MoreSQL instance to it:

app = Flask(__name__)
db = MoreSQL(app)
execute(procname, fields=None, values=None)

Execute the given stored procedure. Return results as a JSON HTTP response.

  • procname – the stored procedure name
  • fields – a list of dictionary fields used as parameters of the stored procedure. The procedure will be called with no arguments if omitted
  • values – an optional dictionary of values from which the parameters should be taken. If omitted, default to the values passed via HTTP
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