It is often difficult to quickly debug 500 errors that occur on your Flask application, especially if you are not the one to cause the error.

The Flask-ErrorMail extension provides a simple tool for configuring your Flask application to automatically send stacktrace emails to a list of administrators whenever an Internal Server Error happens.

Source code and issue tracking at Github.

Windows issues

Flask-ErrorMail requires Flask-Mail which in turn, requires the use of the Lamson library, which unfortunately has dependencies that do not work on Windows.

You can install Flask-ErrorMail, Lamson and other libraries with the no dependencies option:

easy_install -N lamson chardet Flask-ErrorMail

Installing Flask-ErrorMail

Install with pip and easy_install:

pip install Flask-ErrorMail

or download the latest version from Github:

git clone https://github.com/jasonwyatt/Flask-ErrorMail.git

cd Flask-ErrorMail

python setup.py install

If you are using virtualenv, it is assumed that you are installing flask-mail in the same virtualenv as your Flask application(s).

Configuring Flask-ErrorMail

Flask-ErrorMail depends on Flask-Mail, which is configured through the standard Flask config API. You can see those configuration options at the Flask-Mail docs.

Configuration of Flask-ErrorMail is done via the mail_on_500 function:

from flask import Flask
from flask_errormail import mail_on_500

    # e-mail addresses

app = Flask(__name__)
mail_on_500(app, ADMINISTRATORS)

Note: Flask-ErrorMail will not send emails if your app is in debug mode.


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