Flask-Compass provides a simple integration of Compass into Flask applications especially to help during the development process.

The extension scans the project’s directory for Compass configuration files in order to compile the associated Compass project.


First of all you should probably place your compass project somewhere into the static folder of your application. Let’s assume for this example that your config.rb is in /home/user/projects/app/static/.

After installing the extension simply add it to your application as usual:

from flask import Flask
from flaskext.compass import Compass

app = Flask(__name__)
compass = Compass(app)

When you now start your application, it will scan who whole project directory for config.rb files, so it will find yours right in the static folder. Each found config file will trigger the extension to invoke the compass compiler to convert your sass or scss files into css.

Note that by default this compilation is only done when the extension is initialized when in production. If your application is in debug-mode, the whole process will be done with each request.

This behaviour as well as where the extension looks for your config files can be configured as detailed in the next chapter.


More logging and better error handling if compass can’t be found.
Initial release

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