Extensible Content Management System for Flask with Pages, Blogs and Comments.

We are in the early stages of developing a simple yet highly extensible CSM for Flask.

Out-of-the box, it will offer management of Pages, Blogs and Comments. Custom objects can be built on top of an extensible CMS framework.

Design Goals

  • Offer a ready-to-use CMS that is customizable and extensible.
  • Offer it as an extension to an existing Flask applications (and NOT as an application itself).
  • Be agnostic regarding the existing User model.
  • Offer base CmsObject and CmsComment objects that can be extended easily.
  • Offer CmsPage and CmsBlog objects out-of-the-box (derived from CmsObject)
  • Allow custom objects to derive from CmsObject, CmsPage, CmsBlog or other custom objects
  • Rely on SQLAlchemy and its Polymorphic tables.
  • Provide WYSIWYG editor for content, consider MarkDown and ReStructuredText later.

Design limitations

  • We are deliberately taking a minimalistic approach and are NOT aiming to build a Wordpress, Drupal or Joomla alternative (but such alternatives could be built on top of the Flask-CMS framework)


Early stage of development. No Alpha is publicly available yet. If you want to be kept informed, email ling.thio [at] gmail.com and we will inform you when it becomes available.

Contact Information

Ling Thio - ling.thio [at] gmail.com

Revision History

  • v0.1 Pre-alpha, Blogs and Comments


This project would not be possible without the use of the following amazing offerings:

Alternative Packages

Quoakka uses a MongoDB database.

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