fireworks.user_objects.queue_adapters package


fireworks.user_objects.queue_adapters.common_adapter module

class fireworks.user_objects.queue_adapters.common_adapter.CommonAdapter(q_type, q_name=None, template_file=None, **kwargs)

Bases: fireworks.queue.queue_adapter.QueueAdapterBase

An adapter that works on most PBS (including derivatives such as TORQUE), SGE, and SLURM queues.

default_q_commands = {u'PBS': {u'submit_cmd': u'qsub', u'status_cmd': u'qstat'}, u'LoadSharingFacility': {u'submit_cmd': u'bsub', u'status_cmd': u'bjobs'}, u'SGE': {u'submit_cmd': u'qsub', u'status_cmd': u'qstat'}, u'SLURM': {u'submit_cmd': u'sbatch', u'status_cmd': u'squeue'}, u'Cobalt': {u'submit_cmd': u'qsub', u'status_cmd': u'qstat'}, u'LoadLeveler': {u'submit_cmd': u'llsubmit', u'status_cmd': u'llq'}}
classmethod from_dict(m_dict)

returns the number of jobs currently in the queu efor the user

Parameters:username – (str) the username of the jobs to count (default is to autodetect)
Returns:(int) number of jobs in the queue

submits the job to the queue and returns the job id

Parameters:script_file – (str) name of the script file to use (String)
Returns:(int) job_id
to_dict(*args, **kwargs)

fireworks.user_objects.queue_adapters.pbs_newt_adapter module

class fireworks.user_objects.queue_adapters.pbs_newt_adapter.PBSAdapterNEWT

Bases: fireworks.queue.queue_adapter.QueueAdapterBase

A special PBS adapter that works via the NEWT interface ( Only intended for job submission via the RESTful NEWT web interface.

defaults = {}
q_name = u'pbs_newt'
resource = u'carver'
submit_cmd = u''
template_file = u'/Users/ajain/Documents/code_matgen/fireworks/fireworks/user_objects/queue_adapters/PBS_template.txt'

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