Plone modifications

Reducing Plone behaviour

Plone is a very rich Content Management System. Euphorie only requires a small subset of Plone’s features; all the extra features Plone offers add extra complexity to the user interface or have a possible performance impact.

This euphorie.deployment package disables various parts of Plone to make it better fit the Euphorie requirements:

  • content rules are disabled
  • automatic creation of redirects for moved content are disabled
  • the sharing page is disabled

Login behaviour

Euphorie modifies the login behaviour of Plone a little bit: if a user has a home folder in the site he will be redirected to that folder after logging. This is used for sectors accounts: the home folder location in the portal_membership tool is set to the sectors object in the site root, which is where all sectors live. This means that if a sector account logs in he will automatically be redirected to his own home.

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