User managementΒΆ

Users must register before they can start a survey. Registration is used to provide a persistent state for a user, allowing them to stop working on a survey and continue it at a later point in time, or to manage multiple surveys at the same time.


The old RIE system did not use registration, but required users to manually download and upload a file with status information. This has proven to be confusing for users.

Registration is very simple: users only need to provide a preferred account name name and a password. No identifying information is required. Users can opt to provide an email address, which will only be used for password reminders.

Euphorie accounts are stored in the session SQL database. They are also exposed as very minimal Plone accounts: they do not get the standard Member role but a new EuphorieUser role.

The standard mutable_properties PAS plugin should be disabled in an Euphorie site since it can be a big performance bottleneck. Euphorie has two types of users, neither of which need the mutable properties plugin: Euphorie sector accounts provide their own properties directly and Euphorie users will never have any properties beyond their login name and password. Since we know that for Euphorie users the login name is their email address we do not need to have a separate email property.

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