interface euphorie.content.module.IModule

Extends: plone.directives.form.schema.Schema, euphorie.content.behaviour.richdescription.IRichDescription,

Survey Module.

A module is (hierarchical) grouping in a survey.

class euphorie.content.module.Module(id=None, **kwargs)

Base class for folderish items

class euphorie.content.module.ConstructionFilter(fti, container)

FTI construction filter for Module objects. This filter does two things: it restricts the maximum depth at which a module can be created, and it prevents creating of modules if the current container already contains a risk.

This multi adapter requires the use of the conditional FTI as implemented by euphorie.content.fti.ConditionalDexterityFTI.


Check if creating a new module would create a too deeply nested structure.


Check if the container already contains a risk. If so refuse to allow creation of a module.


class euphorie.content.module.View(context, request)

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