class euphorie.client.model.BaseObject(**kwargs)

Zope 2-style base class for our models.

This base class allows SQL based objects to act like normal Zope 2 objects. In particular it allows acquisition to find skin objects and keeps absolute_url() and getPhysicalPath() working.

class euphorie.client.model.SurveyTreeItem(**kwargs)

A tree of questions.

The data is stored in the form of a materialized tree. The path is build using list of item numbers. Each item number has three digits and uses 0-prefixing to make sure we can use simple string sorting to produce a sorted tree.

class euphorie.client.model.Account(**kwargs)

A user account. Users have to register with euphorie before they can start a survey session. A single account can have multiple survey sessions.

allowed(object, object_roles=None)

Check if this account has any of the requested roles in the context of object.


Return the userid. For client accounts the login name is also used as userid.


Return all global roles for this user.


Return the roles of the user in the current context.


Return the login name.

has_permission(perm, context)

Check if the user has a permission in a context.

class euphorie.client.model.SurveySession(**kwargs)

Information about a users session.


Copy all user data from another session to this one.

class euphorie.client.model.Company(**kwargs)

Information about a company.

class euphorie.client.model.Module(**kwargs)

A module.

This is a dummy object needed to be able to put modules in the survey tree.

class euphorie.client.model.Risk(**kwargs)

Answer to risk.

class euphorie.client.model.ActionPlan(**kwargs)

Action plans for a known risk.

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