Terms to know before using Domogik


Please note that following definitions are short definitions. To get more information about these terms, feel free to search the wiki :)

House organisation

The house or flat for which you install a home automation solution.
A floor, the garage, the cellar, etc.
Kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc

Plugins, devices, features and widgets

A plugin is a xPL daemon which handle a technology (or a part of a technology).
A device is a hardware or software element. For example : a ‘’onewire DS18B20’’ component is a device, a computer to control is a device, a ‘’X10 LM12’’ module is a device. For software elements the ‘’Yahoo weather’’ service is also considered as a device.
Reference (of a device)
A reference is the model of a hardware or software component. For example, a onewire DS18B20 component has “DS18B20” as reference. Actually it is a useless information for Domogik but it may be useful for you.
Address (of a device)
The address of a device is used by the device technology to identify it on the network. For example it could be ‘A1’ for a X10 device.
A feature is what a device provides. For example a lamp device could have both the switch and dimmer features. For a 1-wire component it can be the temperature, the humidity or the serial number.
The usage describes what the device is used for : light, appliance, heating...
A widget is a graphic part of the User Interface which controls a feature.


A user account to connect to Domogik application.
Physical person you want to register. A person can have several accounts (users) or none.

Domogik components

Domoweb is the official web user interface of Domogik.
Domodroid is the official android application for Domogik.
A package is a piece of software which add some features to Domogik. It can be a plugin, an external member, ...
A repository is an online repository where are stored packages.
A Domogik package which handle a technology or a web service.
External member
A Domogik package which allow to interact with a xPL client.
xPL is the network protocol used to allow plugins to communicate with each other.
A User Interface.
Django is the (Python) framework used for the web UI.
‘’REST is a software architecture for distributed hypermedia systems such as the World Wide Web (extract from Wikipedia)’‘. Because it uses this architecture the “REST” component of Domogik has this name. REST is the component which makes the link between the database and the xPL network on one side and all available user interfaces on the other side.