About the ProxyΒΆ

Proxying can be setup inside the rules as well:

<proxy *match-attrs>
  <dest href="dest" | pyref="pyref" *pyargs />
  <transform strip-script-name="1" keep-host="1" />
  <request header="Some-Header" content="some content" />
  <request pyref="pyref" *pyargs />
  <response header="Some-Header" content="some content" />
  <response pyref="pyref" *pyargs />
  <response rewrite-links="1">

The <proxy> element takes all the same attributes that <match> does for matching (not including class, abort, last).

The request is proxied to a location given with the <dest> element, either a location to proxy to, or a Python callback. Any Python callback can raise AbortProxy, and the proxy will be skipped (looking for later matching proxies). It can proxy to http/https and to file locations. You can use URI templates for destinations as well, substituting headers and environmental variables as well as {here} which is the directory location of the rule document (e.g., <dest href="{href}/theme-files" />).

The <transform> element controls how the request is transformed when it is forwarded. By default all the standard headers – X-Forwarded-For, X-Forwarded-Host, X-Forwarded-Scheme – are added. The Host header is not preserved by default, but if you use keep-host="1" it will be. As a minor matter, environ['SCRIPT_NAME'] is typically just ignored. You can have it stripped off, and then X-Forwarded-Path will also be set. (FIXME: check that header name)

You can modify both the request and the response with multiple <request> and <response> tags. The request can set headers to literal strings, and you can modify the request arbitrarily with pyref. The response can also have headers added, and arbitrary modification with pyref. You can also rewrite all links with rewrite-links="1"; this is typically necessary if the X-Forwarded-* headers aren’t used to construct links in the application. You can also use this to try theming on an existing live site.

FIXME: should there be a way to avoid theming on a section?

FIXME: it would be nice to be able to put in a hard restriction on file: URLs (both to disallow, or simply to give a base directory that you can’t possibly go above).

FIXME: there should be a way of indicating what portion of the path is stripped. If you do <proxy path="/foo"> then /foo is stripped (moved to SCRIPT_NAME) before proxying, but for any other kind of matching it doesn’t work. Note you can still do it with pyref.

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