1. Installing the DataONE Client Library for Python

1.1. Preferred install method

The distribution of DataONE Common Library for Python is best installed using easy_install.

$ sudo easy_install DataONE_LibClient

1.2. Alternative method

The source code is available for the Client library, as well as the Common library, from the DataONE subversion repository:

$ svn co https://repository.dataone.org/software/cicore/tags/D1_COMMON_PYTHON_v1.0.1 d1_common_python
$ svn co https://repository.dataone.org/software/cicore/tags/D1_LIBCLIENT_PYTHON_v1.0.1 d1_libclient_python

Then change into, and install, each package:

$ cd d1_common_python
$ python setup.py install --user
$ cd ../d1_libclient_python
$ python setup.py install --user
$ cd ..

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