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class solrclient.SOLRValuesResponseIterator(client, field, q='*:*', fq=None, pagesize=1000)

Iterates over a SOLR get values response. This returns a list of distinct values for a particular field.

__init__(client, field, q='*:*', fq=None, pagesize=1000)


@param client(SolrConnection) An instance of a solr connection to use. @param field(string) name of the field from which to retrieve values @param q(string) The SOLR query to restrict results @param fq(string) A facet query, restricts the set of rows that q is applied to @param fields(string) A comma delimited list of field names to return @param pagesize(int) Number of rows to retrieve in each call.


__init__(client, field[, q, fq, pagesize]) Initialize.