CodeChat.css - Style sheet for CodeChat docs

Stylesheet for use with CodeChat’s extensions to Docutils.

The overall goal is to allow comments (everything but <pre> tags) to appear with normal (double) spacing, while comments and code are single spaced.

Author:Bryan A. Jones
Contact:bjones AT ece DOT msstate DOT edu
Copyright:This stylesheet has been placed in the public domain.


This will cause an error if the html4css1 style sheet is embedded instead of linked, though the page still displays without problems. However, omitting it will cause the linked stylesheet case to fail, so leave this in.

@import url(html4css1.css);

Remove all top and bottom space around <pre>, making it single-spaced. Also, remove the border so that code and comments mix more naturally.

pre {
    padding: 0px;
    margin-top: 0px;
    margin-bottom: 0px;
    border: none;

reST’s default style sheet indents literal blocks. Remove this indent.

pre.literal-block {
    margin-left: 0px;
    margin-right: 0px;

Remove the bottom margin around all elements, so they’re only separated by a top margin.

This is actually a bad thing: the spacing between dissimilar elements may not be correct. However, I can’t find a CSS rule to modify the margins of elements which preceed code, so I just change them all.
p, blockquote, div.body h1, div.body h2, div.body h3, div.body h4, div.body h5, div.body h6, div.body ul   /* Sphinx */
               div h1,      div h2,      div h3,      div h4,      div h5,      div h6,      div ul.simple /* docutils */
    margin-bottom: 0px;

Paragraphs have a non-zero margin-top, which adds a blank line when it follows code. Remove this.

div p:first-child {
  margin-top: 0px;

Remove the top margin of all comments which follow code, placing them next to code. Note that Sphinx encloses code in a <div class="highlight-language_name"> element.

Also, note that this will need to be duplicated for all highlighted languages (yuck). I can’t find a CSS rule to select class named using a regular expression.

Note: This isn’t needed for the new alabaster theme. Why? Is there a workaround / better way to do this?

This line handles docutils output.

pre.literal-block + *,

The remaining lines handle Sphinx output.

div.highlight-none + *,
div.highlight-nasm + *,
div.highlight-c + *,
div.highlight-python + *,
div.highlight-python3 + * {
  margin-top: 0px;