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Spectarget – MOS Targeting

This application is a tool based on Traits for interactively identifying spectroscopic targets for use with a multi-object spectograph. Note that this module is a bit rough around the edges and hasn’t been too tested with anything other than Keck/DEIMOS.

This module contains the internals for the SpecTarget gui.

class astropysics.gui.spectarget.DEIMOSMaskMaker(spectargobj)
static doneToG0(fn, cmda, forceradec=False)
exporttoiraf = False
name = 'Dsim'
secondFile(fn1, fn2, degoffset=5)
shortlen = 6
size = (0.08333333333333333, 0.26666666666666666)
writeInFile(fn, pa=None)
class astropysics.gui.spectarget.MaskMaker(spectargobj)

base class for objects that make masks - subclasses should:

  • replace name with a name for the mask-making operation
  • shortlen: maximum length of shortname
  • override makeMask(self,filename)
  • size: approximate dimensions of a mask as (len,width) in degrees

expectations for special priority groups:

  • -1: alignment stars
  • -2: guide stars
  • -9: remove from list unless guide/align star
name = 'Default mask-maker'
shortlen = None
size = None
class astropysics.gui.spectarget.ODHandler
closed(info, is_ok)
class astropysics.gui.spectarget.OffsetDialog(cmda, st)
class astropysics.gui.spectarget.SpecTarget(*args, **kwargs)

generates the SpecTarget GUI - args can be either:

  • SpecTarget(cmdanalyzer)

    provide a ready-made CMDAnalyzer

  • SpecTarget(fiducialdict,data)

    provide a dictionary of fiducial data and a set of data (array or dict)

kwargs get applied to the CMDAnalyzer


alias of ColorBar


alias of Plot


alias of ArrayPlotData


alias of Plot


alias of ArrayPlotData


alias of HPlotContainer


generates and shows a SpecTarget gui interface - accepts two forms:

  • spec_target(cmdanalyzer) - provide a ready-made CMDAnalyzer

  • spec_target(fiducialdict,data) - provide a dictionary of fiducial

    data and a set of data (array or dict)

A GUI application instance must already exist (e.g. interactive mode of ipython)

returns the SpecTarget instance

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